How To Keep Your AC Unit Safe From Thieves

Did you know Atlanta law enforcement responds to nearly 150 reports of stolen air conditioning units per month?
Read our blog post with three tips to protect your air conditioner and keep your cool.

Burglars stand to make $100 or more by selling the copper in stolen AC units. The larger the unit, the bigger the payout, putting small businesses at an even greater risk. With average summer temperatures rising to high 90’s in ATL, homeowners should make safeguarding their AC Unit a major priority sooner rather than later.

In this article we provide three easy ways to protect your air conditioning unit from theft:

1. Hide in Plain Sight
If you live in a busy area, keep your unit highly visible.

Criminals need privacy for their dirty work so don’t place your AC box near

plants, walls, or anything nabbers can hide behind.

2. Light it Up
Shine a light on potential thieves by installing motion detector lights around your
property and near your unit.

3. Build a Fortress
The single most effective way to avoid AC unit theft is to lock it in a custom enclosure.

Strong, well-made iron cages make it nearly impossible to steal a condenser.
Thieves will see that your unit is well protected and decide to move on.


We'll make sure you never lose your cool

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